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Sunday, October 7, 2007

An incoherent battle between Dionysus and Apollo

It has been a wonderful time to read Friedrich Nietzsche's collection. I know it's incoherent to this blog even if I've been talking about transportation. Nietzsche is just a guy too far away from modernization, technology, no, he's not. Bacchus Dionysus is a great god, who exists in most of poeple's life and almost everybody can prove his existence even if they get back their consciousness. He makes people's life simpler and joyful, thus, why shouldn't we take RESTful architecture as Bacchus to abandon our complicated enough WS-* as contemplative Apollo and build our loosely coupled system on the basis of more primitive god - HTTP. Semantic Web would be talking more about RESTful architecture than any other architectures in my mind. I strongly believe Dionysus will win Apollo in this battle of the semantic web architecture.


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